Saudi women first time racing

Riding the steering wheel on a sleek electric SUV, Reema Juffali was the first woman to compete in a men’s-only race in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia lifted its only ban on women driving in the world last June, as part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s policy to liberalize driving. After the decades-long ban was lifted, Juffali, 27.

She became the first Saudi woman to race in the country and was considered by the organizers to be a “VIP” guest driver. She competed in the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy electric car race in Diriyah, near the capital Riyadh.

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“The ban was lifted last year and I never thought I would be racing professionally. But the fact that I am doing that, that’s great,” Juffali said on the blue and black Jaguar I-Pace.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi Sports Minister, called this a “turning point” of the Islamic kingdom. “As a professional rider, Juffali will have thousands of people cheering for the competition,” he said.

Juffali first attended racing at the F4 Championship in England in April, just after a year of professional training. But Juffali has had a passion for speed racing since she was a teenager and enjoyed watching Formula One races.

She obtained a car driver’s license while studying abroad in the United States and is now one of the few Saudi women who have a driving license in her home country.

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It is a mandatory requirement to participate in professional races. Even in other countries, only a few Saudi women are racing professionally.

“For many women who don’t have the opportunity to learn to drive, being behind the wheel is definitely scary. For Saudi women, it’s a far-fetched thing,” Juffali explained.

Juffali said she dreams of participating in a one-day race at Le Mans, France, one of the most prestigious and challenging tournaments in the world. In Riyadh, Juffali will compete on par with the professional riders last season.

More than 500 teams kick off Dakar Rally 2018

Dakar is the most important and difficult demonstration in the world. Organization is really important, and it must ensure health insurance in countries 3, in the heart of the wilderness. How does it work?

Dakar Rally historical pages are still being written in 2018 with challenges taking place along the way from Peru, through Bolivia and to Argentina.

Hơn 500 đội khởi tranh Dakar Rally 2018 - giải đua offroad khắc nghiệt nhất hành tinh ảnh 2

With 5 test categories for 5 different vehicle categories: motorcycles, 4-wheel terrain motorcycles, cars, XSX terrain vehicles and trucks. More than 500 racing teams participated in this year’s competition, including producer teams as well as freer teams.

The only way to conquer Dakar is to overcome challenges, combining perseverance, spirit of iron will and determination of survival. This year’s route lasted for 2 weeks and spent about 10,000km with extremely difficult terrain.

Hơn 500 đội khởi tranh Dakar Rally 2018 - giải đua offroad khắc nghiệt nhất hành tinh ảnh 3

In addition to the carefully prepared racing cars with high durability and stamina, going through difficult journeys, the riders must know how to calculate and maintain the optimal strength for each road segment. Depending on the day, the distance and type of terrain will vary, from rugged rocky areas, to sandy deserts, from endurance runs to those that need speed sprinting.

The X-Raid Team is also adding new John Cooper Works Mini racing cars that are much improved compared to previous seasons, expected to make a breakthrough in this year’s tournament.

Blue buttons for direct contact with medical personnel. The yellow button is for alerting headquarters that other competitors are in unimportant situations. Red is for serious condition.

Hơn 500 đội khởi tranh Dakar Rally 2018 - giải đua offroad khắc nghiệt nhất hành tinh ảnh 2

As we all know, Ford Mustang is one of the symbolic names and became the desire of many generations. Like many other legendary cars, the Mustang Mustang is also a sought-after target of classic car enthusiasts.

Because many Mustangs are worth the equivalent of a huge fortune through the auctions. History has recorded many such cases. In this article, we will review the most expensive Mustangs on the auction floor.

Australia hosts the 2019 solar powered car race

The 2020 solar powered car race will be held in Australia in October with the participation of 30 teams from 17 countries around the world.

This year, the course of the race has a total length of 3,000 km from the city of Darwin, Northern Australia to the city of Adelaide, South Australia. It is considered the world’s leading event for solar powered cars racing.

According to the organizers, the race is more meaningful when the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change have been agreed such as:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australia tổ chức cuộc đua xe ô tô chạy bằng năng lượng mặt trời 2
  • Reduce global warming
  • Keeping global temperatures not higher than 2 degrees Celsius
  • Lowering emissions and the European enactment of ban
  • Gradual removal of gasoline and diesel cars in the near future.

The defending champion – the Dutch team of Nuon Solar, continues to be the number one candidate for the championship.

As host country, Australia has 3 teams participating in the race, these teams are from University of Adelaide, Flinder University, University of New South Wales and University of Western Sydney.

Along with the race, solar-powered cars are designed to be able to carry passengers with 23 teams from 13 countries.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australia tổ chức cuộc đua xe ô tô chạy bằng năng lượng mặt trời 2

Both events begin in Darwin on October 13-20 and the fastest cars are expected to finish in Adelaide in about 4 days.

A solar-powered race to introduce new technology could help develop into a commercial vehicle in the future. This year’s race involved 40 uniquely designed cars with speeds of 90-100km / h. The race is expected to take place within 1 week.

The serious candidate of the race is the world’s first 4-seat solar car named Stella Lux of the Eidenhoven team from the Netherlands.

The car can carry passengers and is capable of generating more energy than the energy used. The average speed of this car recorded in the previous race is 90.6 km / h.

Rules to know in F1 racing

Each F1 season has a maximum of 12 racing teams. Each team participates in a race with 2 racing cars. All riders in the team must have a high-level driver’s license issued by FIA – World Automobile Federation. If you want to attend F1, the racing team must deposit a $ 48 million.

The entire amount will be refunded to the racing team in 12 equal installments every month from the time the racing team officially joins the racing. If the racing team gives up, they will lose the deposit amount mentioned above.

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Each racing team has the right to use 4 riders in a season. Test riders who only participate in free races prior to the race do not count toward this number. The team is free to make a substitution before entering the classification race starting Saturday afternoon. If a replacement is later, they must seek permission from the referees.

Teams can refuel the car during the race. The refueling system is a general system provided by a manufacturer and conforms to all FIA specifications. The system is designed so that the amount of fuel injected through the nozzle cannot exceed 12.1 liters for second.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1

If the track has an accident or due to bad weather, the organizers will make a decision to stop the race midway. If that happens when the race has not completed the first 2 laps, the race will start from the beginning. In the event that a start cannot be reorganized, no rider will be awarded points.

If the race is stopped after the first 2 laps and before the race completes 75 percent of the race, the start will be reorganized with the help of the Safety car. If it is not possible to reorganize, the driver will receive half of the score in the last order they were achieved.