Renegade Racing – An acrobatic racing game is about to be available on mobile platforms

If a memory that reminds you of Renegade Racing is undoubtedly a sneaky gaming session in your school’s computer science classes. Renegade Racing started appearing on a website platform like Miniclip and has been played more than 180 million times since its first release.

And recently, Not Doppler has confirmed that this popular online racing game will be released on both iOS and Android on March 13. It seems a lot of people are excited about it, because according to Not Doppler, the game has received over 2.1 million pre-registration.

You will have to race, perform missions with monster trucks, forklifts, police cars and even an ice cream truck. There are more than 10 different cars to unlock.

Renegade Racing - Game đua xe lộn tu siêu hài hước sắp có mặt trên nền tảng di động - Ảnh 1.

All of these vehicles can be upgraded to increase your chances of winning the 1v5 races you will participate in. You will also find a range of different powers and tires to unlock, done by completing challenges.

The focus of the game is not just on how you can drive effectively. It’s about how daring you are, how you show your superfluous skills without getting hit by obstacles and burning.

Performing different stunts while racing will improve your turbo speed. So the more you can perform acrobatics, the more you go on a gear, the faster you will go.

In addition to us, not only are the standard tracks but there are many different types of tracks designed and they are very impressive. You will have to compete on all occasions, from a shipyard to icy trails and even Devil’s Island.

Renegade Racing - Game đua xe lộn tu siêu hài hước sắp có mặt trên nền tảng di động - Ảnh 2.

Of course, it won’t just be simple and push the throttle, show your skills and dash to the finish line. There are countless dangers scattered across the track that will stop your chaotic racing efforts.

Or you will meet huge fans and caves with stalactites and stalactites. Renegade Racing will be available on App Store and Google Play on March 13. Now you can also pre-register if you like. It will be a free game.