Losing podium at the Sakhir Grand Prix, Mercedes now clearly saw the value of Lewis Hamilton

F1 Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 race witnessed the rare victories of Sergio Perez and Racing Point.

The image of George Russell lying on the roadside full of boredom accurately reflects the mood of Mercedes members after the F1 Sakhir Grand Prix race that countless words cannot be expressed.

Without Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes was no longer represented on the winning podium this season. It was painful because the progress of the race showed that George Russell – who filled Hamilton’s seat – had 2 chances to win.

But in the end, Racing Point’s Sergio Perez is the first. This is not only his first time winning this season, but also his first victory in his entire career!

George Russell finished second, even though he just got acquainted with Hamilton’s car

Besides, Perez also became the first Mexican racer to win the F1 championship after Pedro Rodriguez in 1970. So it was not strange that when the car reached the finish line, English was heard crying on the radio, proving that this victory was meaningful how.

Meanwhile, the two Mercedes drivers ranked 8th and 9th respectively. Ferrari was also unfortunate when Charles Leclerc had a late brake pedal error, causing the driver to be subtracted 3 places in the next Grand Prix.

Also related to this accident, Leclerc hit Sergio Perez, but Racing Point’s driver still competes. On the contrary, because of the avoidance of the collision, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was eliminated from the game by crashing the car into the railing.

George Russell wanted to win F1

At the F1 Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 qualifying race, Mercedes still occupies the pole, even winning the first two places despite the absence of 7-time champion Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes does not have Lewis Hamilton, the qualifying result of the Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 is still no surprise. Valtteri Bottas still secured a pole for Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas won the pole

George Russell – the racer sent by Mercedes from Williams to fill Hamilton’s seat – finished second with a record of just 0.02 seconds! The COVID-19 forced Hamilton to give up not enough to disrupt Mercedes’ dominance. And it seems that any driver who sits on the “Silver Arrow” can shine like Hamilton.

As a habit, this season, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished third. Charles Lecerc excellently took 4th place for Ferrari. At this point, the F1 season is considered to end early when the team championship belongs to Mercedes, while Lewis Hamilton has won the individual championship.