The first time Ducati has won at Le Mans in MotoGP history (Part 2)

MotoGP’s rookie, also the younger brother of Marc Marquez, has not had a remarkable record since the beginning of the year, but on a triumphant day, he managed to climb into the top.

P.Espargaro has the 3rd podium of the last 5 legs

Overcoming the more experienced drivers, coupled with the puzzling drop in Dovizioso’s last four laps, Marquez unexpectedly took second place, securing it to the end of the race and winning the first MotoGP podium. in career.

At the top, Petrucci dominated the race and made a too safe distance when Dovi fell behind. Since then, he went to a surprise victory at Le Mans, also the second time he won the MotoGP championship since winning at home at Mugello nearly a year and a half ago.

This is the first time Ducati has won at Le Mans in MotoGP history

Petrucci is the seventh winner in 2020 after nine races, and he and A. Marquez are the 14th and 15th drivers to join the podium this year. The remaining position on the podium belonged to Pol Espargaro after trying to overcome Dovi in ​​the penultimate race, for the third time to finish 3rd in the last 5 races.

This is the first time Ducati has won at Le Mans in MotoGP history

In the end, Quartararo only finished ninth but still increased the distance with Joan Mir to 10 points when Suzuki raced with many ups and downs. He started 14th, sometimes dropped to 20th, but rose to 11th, behind Maverick Vinales.

Jordi Torres is the 2nd Champion of the MotoE World Cup

In other developments, the 2nd year MotoE World Cup has found a new champion with a “overturn” phase in the last two races. Rookie Jordi Torres has never won in the first four races, but only with the championship in Race 1 in France, while all three remaining candidates in the championship race are Matteo Ferrari, Dominique Aegerter, and Mattia Casadei. All had accidents, he rose to have a great advantage in the last race.

No need to win but 6th place in Race 2 took him to the MotoE World Cup 2020 championship with 4 podiums, including an extremely important victory. Ferrari and Aegerter ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively in the final of the season.

MotoGP riders are banned permanently for using doping

The WADA laboratory has found doping positive substances in the urine of driver Andrea Iannone. This driver was immediately banned by FIM from participating in all motorcycle racing.

FIM World Motorcycle Federation has just announced that MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone of Aprilla has not passed the doping test. The federation issued a decision to immediately suspend the cause of the MotoGP driver’s career until further notice.

According to a press release, Iannone’s urine samples taken at the Malaysia Grand Prix race were found to contain an unspecified substance on the Exogenous Anabilic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) ban list.

FIM said that Andrea Iannone has the right to request a re-examination of his urine sample, if he is still found to be doping positive, the driver still has the opportunity to appeal by filing an application with the Sports Arbitration Court ( CAS).

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) shared the reason for making the official announcement so far because WADA needs to perform a series of other tests to reinforce the evidence. This process takes about 2 weeks depending on the type of test done.

Andrea Iannone started his career in 2005 in the 125 cc format, but he did not stand out when he only brought 4 victories in 5 years. By 2010, the career of “The Maniac” gradually flourished when playing in Moto2 format, he ranked third overall during the three seasons from 2010 to 2012.

In 2013, the racer born in 1989 decided to jump on the MotoGP formula with Ducati racing team. However, Iannone was fired after the end of the 2016 season due to falling to 6 stages and many times endangering his teammates.

During the 2017-2018 period, Andrea Iannone played for Suzuki but did not stand out as Alex Rins. In the MotoGP 2019 season, the fate of “The Maniac” turned to Aprilla.