F1 racing through 7 decades: Aura of legends (Part 1)

Breaking up with the 2010s with three champions, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg, F1 is about to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the tournament and enter a new decade with many new things.

So in the past 10 seasons, who is the most successful and reaping the most victories? Let’s take a look at the number of lap victories for each driver in the past 7 decades of Formula 1.

In the past 70 seasons (1018 races), a total of 764 riders participated in an official F1 race. And among them 108 different riders won and 33 have ever won the championship at least once in history. Each period has a few representative names representing each decade, and here are details of each decade.


Alfa Romeo was a dominant force in the tournament’s early years, with the two main drivers Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio competing for the championship in the first season. And the person who crowned the first tuna in history is Farina.

However Fangio then won 4 championships with 3 racing teams (Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Ferrrari) in 7 years and got 24 stage wins after only 51 stages, the highest winning rate of all time. The second success was Alberto Ascari (Italy), who had 13 first place before his death in mid-1955. Sir Stirling Moss did not have any individual titles but still scored 12 victories between 1955-59 and Farina, retired in 1955 had 5 career victories.


Two championships and 25 times won the stage to help Jim Clark become the most prominent face of this decade before his death at Hockenheim in 68. Graham Hill also won the throne twice as Clark but only accumulated 14 victories.

Jack Brabham (Australia) was the most successful starter with 5 victories in the 1960 championship season, but it took him 6 years to get the next victory. In total, Brabham has 11 times to finish first, balancing the performance of Sir Jackie Stewart, the 7th champion different in this decade alone with the glory in 1969.


It is undeniable that Niki Lauda was the representative name of the 1970s (and part of the 1980s) because of her incredible energy and a burning passion for speed sports despite serious injuries.

Of the 25 victories of the late Austrian driver, 17 took place in the 1970s, with two world championships, and a story of uncompromising competition with rival rival James Hunt. Stewart ranked second with 16 victories with 3 individual titles with Tyrrell and Emerson Fittipaldi (Brazil) ranked 3rd after 14 stage wins.

Car racing is now available for Saudi women after the ban was lifted

Riding the steering wheel on a sleek electric SUV, Reema Juffali was the first woman to compete in a men’s-only race in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia lifted its only ban on women driving in the world last June, as part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s policy to liberalize driving.

After the decades-long ban was lifted, Juffali, 27, became the first Saudi woman to race in the country and was considered by the organizers to be a “VIP” guest driver. She competed in the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy electric car race in Diriyah, near the capital Riyadh, on November 22 and 23.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi Sports Minister, called this a “turning point” of the Islamic kingdom. “As a professional rider, Juffali will have thousands of people cheering for the competition,” he said.

Juffali first attended racing at the F4 Championship in England in April, just after a year of professional training. But Juffali has had a passion for speed racing since she was a teenager and enjoyed watching Formula One races.

She obtained a car driver’s license while studying abroad in the US and is now one of the few Saudi women who have a driving license in her home country, required to participate in professional races. Even in other countries, only a few Saudi women are racing professionally.

Juffali said she dreams of participating in a one-day race at Le Mans, France, one of the most prestigious and challenging tournaments in the world. In Riyadh, Juffali will compete on par with the professional riders last season.

However, Mr Mohammed also faces criticism surrounding the crackdown on dissidents. Many activists who campaigned for women’s driving rights were brought to trial last year. Some sources claim that they were tortured or sexually interrogated by interrogators, but Saudi officials denied this.

The driving reform has changed many Saudi women, helping them reduce their dependence on private drivers or relatives and seize the opportunity to participate in racing, a tournament that was previously only available to men.

Many people think that only cars with eye-catching colors will attract female drivers. However, the business revealed many “pit” like Chevrolet Camaro or Mustang convertibles are favored by women, despite the launch of the Cherry Red Mini Coopers to target female customers.

Some women are also practicing driving motorbikes at a vocational school in Riyadh, a scene that is still unusual in the oil nation.

More than 500 teams kick off Dakar Rally 2018

Dakar is the most important and difficult demonstration in the world. Organization is really important, and it must ensure health insurance in countries 3, in the heart of the wilderness. How does it work?

Dakar Rally historical pages are still being written in 2018 with challenges taking place along the way from Peru, through Bolivia and to Argentina.

Hơn 500 đội khởi tranh Dakar Rally 2018 - giải đua offroad khắc nghiệt nhất hành tinh ảnh 2

With 5 test categories for 5 different vehicle categories: motorcycles, 4-wheel terrain motorcycles, cars, XSX terrain vehicles and trucks. More than 500 racing teams participated in this year’s competition, including producer teams as well as freer teams.

The only way to conquer Dakar is to overcome challenges, combining perseverance, spirit of iron will and determination of survival. This year’s route lasted for 2 weeks and spent about 10,000km with extremely difficult terrain.

Hơn 500 đội khởi tranh Dakar Rally 2018 - giải đua offroad khắc nghiệt nhất hành tinh ảnh 3

In addition to the carefully prepared racing cars with high durability and stamina, going through difficult journeys, the riders must know how to calculate and maintain the optimal strength for each road segment. Depending on the day, the distance and type of terrain will vary, from rugged rocky areas, to sandy deserts, from endurance runs to those that need speed sprinting.

The X-Raid Team is also adding new John Cooper Works Mini racing cars that are much improved compared to previous seasons, expected to make a breakthrough in this year’s tournament.

Blue buttons for direct contact with medical personnel. The yellow button is for alerting headquarters that other competitors are in unimportant situations. Red is for serious condition.

Hơn 500 đội khởi tranh Dakar Rally 2018 - giải đua offroad khắc nghiệt nhất hành tinh ảnh 2

As we all know, Ford Mustang is one of the symbolic names and became the desire of many generations. Like many other legendary cars, the Mustang Mustang is also a sought-after target of classic car enthusiasts.

Because many Mustangs are worth the equivalent of a huge fortune through the auctions. History has recorded many such cases. In this article, we will review the most expensive Mustangs on the auction floor.

Ferrari – Forever a legend

It can be said that Ferrari is one of the typical, also the pride of Italy. It shows the characteristics for class and style anywhere in the world. Unlike other famous car brands, Ferrari is very familiar to even ordinary people, even if they do not care about cars.

The history of the Ferrari brand was opened by founder Enzo Ferrari as a racer. Despite winning nine championship titles, he is better known and globally renowned as the father of the sexiest sports cars of all time.


Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898, in Modena. In their family, Passion for cars and fun while this person immediately. It starts when the father in the game is one of those things. Returning, he became a racer for Alfa Romeo team. In 1946, Enzo Ferrari established a car manufacturing company named after him.

Soon, Ferrari became the desire of the racers and also a symbol of a superior level. There are only a few super sports car brands in the world that can create strong emotions.

For example, with Aston Martin, James Bond is reminiscent of the history of the recession in the 1930s, while Porsche with German characteristics is associated with names like James Dean and Steve McQueen. … Particularly Ferrari – the champion of the racetrack, is like a wild horse with endless inspiration.


So what made the Ferrari resonable? The answer lies in the history of competition, where Ferrari replaced Alfa Romeo to become the champion and “Italian” manufacturing style with immortal models.

The typical example is the 250 GTO 1962. For over 60 years, Ferrari has relied on these two factors as a premise for development and thus became a typical national brand of Italy.

From the Le Mans racetrack to the Formula 1, Ferrari is like a smart machine that always knows how to conquer the roads and go ahead to win. When the car came to the starting line, it was a feeling that it was a symbol of speed. And when on the street, there is a famous car on the track, it is understood that it is a remarkable and respectable product.

Ford Ranger Raptor ‘joins’ the British police force

With the ability to overcome impressive terrain, the Ford Ranger Raptor will become an effective means of assistance in the pursuit of criminals not only on smooth roads but also difficult terrain.

The Ranger Raptor is probably not the most suitable vehicle to chase criminals with a maximum speed of approximately 170 km / h but in a campaign conducted in difficult terrain, this is the British police’s great machine. to conquer challenges even when operating at low speeds thanks to Fox shock or Baja driving mode.

So far, countries in the world have chosen sports cars as well as high-speed supercars to chase high-speed criminals so familiar. But what happens when criminals leave flat asphalt? To find a solution to this problem, the British police has just tested the addition of Ford Ranger Raptor pickup lines to its official vehicle force.

Improved by the special vehicle branch of Ford located in Essex, impressed with the yellow-blue ‘outfit’ worn on the body, the Ranger Raptor was only added with specialized flashing lights on the exterior and interconnection devices. Touch dedicated to police inside the cabin.

Powering the police Ranger Raptor continues to be a 2.0l EcoBlue inline 4-cylinder turbocharged 213PS / 500Nm engine paired with a new 10-speed automatic transmission, driving 4 × 4 bridges. With a FOX suspension and a dedicated Baja steering mode, the car has more than enough capacity to chase criminals head-on mud, dirt or sand while escaping.

Currently, the first Ranger Raptors have been taken to police forces in South Wales to reach the remotest regions in the United Kingdom.

If in the case the Ranger Raptor’s top speed of 170km/h is not enough to pursue the asphalt, the criminals do not rush to celebrate. Because in addition to super-pickup Raptor, British police also use high-performance Ford Focus STs to assist.

Ford Focus ST is also branching out the specialized vehicle, Ford Special Vehicle Preparation, with hardware and software to support police work such as ceiling and radiator warning lights, radios, or body protection kit.

Australia hosts the 2019 solar powered car race

The 2020 solar powered car race will be held in Australia in October with the participation of 30 teams from 17 countries around the world.

This year, the course of the race has a total length of 3,000 km from the city of Darwin, Northern Australia to the city of Adelaide, South Australia. It is considered the world’s leading event for solar powered cars racing.

According to the organizers, the race is more meaningful when the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change have been agreed such as:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australia tổ chức cuộc đua xe ô tô chạy bằng năng lượng mặt trời 2
  • Reduce global warming
  • Keeping global temperatures not higher than 2 degrees Celsius
  • Lowering emissions and the European enactment of ban
  • Gradual removal of gasoline and diesel cars in the near future.

The defending champion – the Dutch team of Nuon Solar, continues to be the number one candidate for the championship.

As host country, Australia has 3 teams participating in the race, these teams are from University of Adelaide, Flinder University, University of New South Wales and University of Western Sydney.

Along with the race, solar-powered cars are designed to be able to carry passengers with 23 teams from 13 countries.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australia tổ chức cuộc đua xe ô tô chạy bằng năng lượng mặt trời 2

Both events begin in Darwin on October 13-20 and the fastest cars are expected to finish in Adelaide in about 4 days.

A solar-powered race to introduce new technology could help develop into a commercial vehicle in the future. This year’s race involved 40 uniquely designed cars with speeds of 90-100km / h. The race is expected to take place within 1 week.

The serious candidate of the race is the world’s first 4-seat solar car named Stella Lux of the Eidenhoven team from the Netherlands.

The car can carry passengers and is capable of generating more energy than the energy used. The average speed of this car recorded in the previous race is 90.6 km / h.

Why is BMW not joining MotoGP? Is it because the BMW HP4 not strong enough?

Why is BMW not joining MotoGP? HP4 has a reputation for being the fastest car in the world but why not prove it on the track?

There was an interesting discussion about the reasons why BMW stars do not participate in MotoGP, the world’s # 1 motorcycle racing competition.

In addition to being a top-class motorcycle race, MotoGP is also considered a “catwalk” when automakers have to make efforts to improve their supercars to help their brand be in the top. The cars reach the finish line first.

To put it simply, MotoGP is the most cost-effective advertisement of automakers, a playground for automakers to flaunt all the technology they have on their race cars.

MotoGP racing is the place where car manufacturers show the audience the best technology on their cars.

There are many opinions that BMW cars cannot afford to compete with other supercars in the world’s leading race, so BMW does not dare to participate in MotoGP.

Stephan Schaller – CEO of BMW Motorrad once said that “BMW has enough potential to compete but we will not invest in that category”.

The CEO also emphasized that BMW Motorrad is focusing all its efforts on the research and development of highly practical cars that serve the purpose of daily commuting or experience the roads, not Must keep rolling on the track with fierce competition about technology and speed.

BMW Motorrad cars are highly practical

Ignoring BMW’s business strategy of saying no to MotoGP, many people are skeptical about the ability of BMW Motorrad-branded cars, if not for BMW S1000RR or HP4 to participate in the race, how to make the world Know this is one of the fastest cars in the world or not?

BMW HP4 – one of the fastest supercars in the world

The grandeur and fanfare of MotoGP have blurred the image of Isle of Man TT – the most dangerous racing race in the world, also known as the “death race” held annually on the island. Isle of Man, and because the race is not due to the investment of car manufacturers, BMW was lucky to appear here.

Michael Dunlop has set a new record in this race, his achievement is 16 minutes 58.25 seconds to complete 62.4 km, and the car he uses is the shark BMW S1000RR.

Porsche decided to revive the legendary racing car

Marking the 50th anniversary of its most successful race car – Porsche 917, at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the German automaker has revealed its plan to revive the car with the chassis number 001.

At the same time when they published the first image of the 917 Concept concept design which was very appealing.

Although there is not much information about the design. But Porsche says the show car is red – white created by a group of designers and engineers. This is to commemorate the airline’s first victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970.

However, with Porsche participating in the LMP1 racing segment, the 917 Concept just stopped at the concept design. Porsche did not specify when the 917 Concept was built.

As part of the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the 917 model, Porsche restored the first 917 model to its original state. It was like it was first announced on March 12, 1969, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Porsche 917-001 debuted in white and green but at the Frankfurt Motor Show that same year. It was changed to Gulf’s Racing’s famous orange and blue color. After Porsche won the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970, the car was modified by Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood in September 1970.

Finally, when the 917-001 was handed over to Porsche Salzburg in October 1970. It used the colors and racing numbers of the Porsche 917 race car that won the Le Mans race earlier that year.

Interestingly, the 917-001 really never races. It is primarily used for testing at the Nurburgring track as well as on display at various events.

While restoring this historically significant vehicle to its original state was a difficult task, Porsche technicians managed to do so. Experts must first find out which material is original and can be retained. To do that, they used methods of analyzing and comparing materials with drawings and design images in history.

Cyprus organizes a racing event that runs on solar energy

Experts say the potential to develop solar powered cars in Cyprus is quite large when the country has 320 sunny days a year.

The 3-hour “Cyprus Institute Solar Car Challenge” for solar powered cars took place on June 23 in Cyprus’s Nicosia. They have been promoting the eco-friendliness of the cars participating in this race.

16-year-old Venetia Chrysostomide was one of the participants in the race with a car worth 5,000 EUR. According to Venetia Chrysostomide, solar-powered cars can help Cyprus reduce fuel consumption and air pollution.

cyprus to chuc giai dua xe chay bang nang luong mat troi

The race organizer, Aristides Bonanos, of the Cyprus Institute research center said the participants of the race invested an average of only 8,000 EUR for their cars.

This figure is quite modest compared to the hundreds of thousands of EUR spent on cars participating in the world’s largest solar powered car race in Australia with a length of 3,000 km called the World Solar Challenge.

According to Bonanos, the goal of the race is to help the public in Cyprus realize that making solar-powered cars is relatively easy and low-cost.

This is an ambitious goal in Cyprus – one of the countries with the highest car ownership rate in Europe with 595 cars for 1,000 people (according to the European Statistical Office – Eurostat).

Experts say the potential to develop solar powered cars in Cyprus is quite large when the country has 320 sunny days a year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho xe chạy bằng năng lượng Mặt trời

Meanwhile, 2016 statistics show that of the 28,000 newly registered cars in Cyprus, only 22 run on renewable energy.

In addition, Zephyr operates entirely on solar energy. This unmanned aircraft weighs only about 75kg thanks to being made from carbon fiber.

Zephyr “absorbs” solar energy through energy panels installed throughout the wingspan up to 25 meters, thereby extending the flight time of the flight on the stratosphere.

The Zephyr project is also aiming to bring potential solutions for disaster management, monitoring and communication.

MotoGP riders are banned permanently for using doping

The WADA laboratory has found doping positive substances in the urine of driver Andrea Iannone. This driver was immediately banned by FIM from participating in all motorcycle racing.

FIM World Motorcycle Federation has just announced that MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone of Aprilla has not passed the doping test. The federation issued a decision to immediately suspend the cause of the MotoGP driver’s career until further notice.

According to a press release, Iannone’s urine samples taken at the Malaysia Grand Prix race were found to contain an unspecified substance on the Exogenous Anabilic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) ban list.

FIM said that Andrea Iannone has the right to request a re-examination of his urine sample, if he is still found to be doping positive, the driver still has the opportunity to appeal by filing an application with the Sports Arbitration Court ( CAS).

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) shared the reason for making the official announcement so far because WADA needs to perform a series of other tests to reinforce the evidence. This process takes about 2 weeks depending on the type of test done.

Andrea Iannone started his career in 2005 in the 125 cc format, but he did not stand out when he only brought 4 victories in 5 years. By 2010, the career of “The Maniac” gradually flourished when playing in Moto2 format, he ranked third overall during the three seasons from 2010 to 2012.

In 2013, the racer born in 1989 decided to jump on the MotoGP formula with Ducati racing team. However, Iannone was fired after the end of the 2016 season due to falling to 6 stages and many times endangering his teammates.

During the 2017-2018 period, Andrea Iannone played for Suzuki but did not stand out as Alex Rins. In the MotoGP 2019 season, the fate of “The Maniac” turned to Aprilla.