Why is BMW not joining MotoGP? Is it because the BMW HP4 not strong enough?

Why is BMW not joining MotoGP? HP4 has a reputation for being the fastest car in the world but why not prove it on the track?

There was an interesting discussion about the reasons why BMW stars do not participate in MotoGP, the world’s # 1 motorcycle racing competition.

In addition to being a top-class motorcycle race, MotoGP is also considered a “catwalk” when automakers have to make efforts to improve their supercars to help their brand be in the top. The cars reach the finish line first.

To put it simply, MotoGP is the most cost-effective advertisement of automakers, a playground for automakers to flaunt all the technology they have on their race cars.

MotoGP racing is the place where car manufacturers show the audience the best technology on their cars.

There are many opinions that BMW cars cannot afford to compete with other supercars in the world’s leading race, so BMW does not dare to participate in MotoGP.

Stephan Schaller – CEO of BMW Motorrad once said that “BMW has enough potential to compete but we will not invest in that category”.

The CEO also emphasized that BMW Motorrad is focusing all its efforts on the research and development of highly practical cars that serve the purpose of daily commuting or experience the roads, not Must keep rolling on the track with fierce competition about technology and speed.

BMW Motorrad cars are highly practical

Ignoring BMW’s business strategy of saying no to MotoGP, many people are skeptical about the ability of BMW Motorrad-branded cars, if not for BMW S1000RR or HP4 to participate in the race, how to make the world Know this is one of the fastest cars in the world or not?

BMW HP4 – one of the fastest supercars in the world

The grandeur and fanfare of MotoGP have blurred the image of Isle of Man TT – the most dangerous racing race in the world, also known as the “death race” held annually on the island. Isle of Man, and because the race is not due to the investment of car manufacturers, BMW was lucky to appear here.

Michael Dunlop has set a new record in this race, his achievement is 16 minutes 58.25 seconds to complete 62.4 km, and the car he uses is the shark BMW S1000RR.