18-inch wheels will transform the tires of the Formula 1 in 2021

Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola has insisted 18-inch wheels will transform the Formula 1 tires by 2021. Larger wheels don’t just mean rims larger that entails a lot of technical problems.

This is an exciting time in the sport, as the new rules for 2021 will see 18-inch wheels replace the 13-inch wheels that F1 racing cars have used for almost 25 years. So, what’s the reason for the 18-inch wheel change that will transform the Formula 1 tires? What is the problem of the wheel of an F1 car?

Load capacity

According to Pirelli’s engineers, more than 2645 pounds (1200 kg) of impact load was measured on each tire as the F1 car performed the tough race. This is a big challenge for the wheel, there is a need for a solution for this.

Catch up with trends

The change is intended to reflect trends in the automotive industry, where the wheels of commercial supercars are typically larger in diameter than in Formula 1. One tire may be required soft, medium and hard. Each represents a trade-off between grip and endurance in a racing strategy. Soft provides higher performance but wears faster and requires more stops.

18-inch wheels will transform the tires of the Formula 1 in 2021

Hard tires have less traction

Mercedes, for example, Lewis Hamilton used hard tires for part of the US Grand Prix in November, where he won the season championship. Those tires allowed him to cut off one of his stops, saving him time, but by the end of the race his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, was running on average performance tires. better yet, was able to overtake Hamilton and win the race.

Heat sensitivity

This is another concern about current Pirelli tires. The driver must be very careful, adjust the speed, to make sure they are not too hot or too cold, keep them within the right temperature range to improve grip.

Reduced suspension travel

Increasing the rim diameter, but if you still want the wheel to not be too much larger than the current 13-inch wheel, you have to trade down the thickness (side height) of the tire. The lower its thickness, the less elastic it affects the wheel movement, and thus less influence on the suspension. You just need to redesign the suspension with a smaller stroke.

Losing podium at the Sakhir Grand Prix, Mercedes now clearly saw the value of Lewis Hamilton

F1 Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 race witnessed the rare victories of Sergio Perez and Racing Point.

The image of George Russell lying on the roadside full of boredom accurately reflects the mood of Mercedes members after the F1 Sakhir Grand Prix race that countless words cannot be expressed.

Without Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes was no longer represented on the winning podium this season. It was painful because the progress of the race showed that George Russell – who filled Hamilton’s seat – had 2 chances to win.

But in the end, Racing Point’s Sergio Perez is the first. This is not only his first time winning this season, but also his first victory in his entire career!

George Russell finished second, even though he just got acquainted with Hamilton’s car

Besides, Perez also became the first Mexican racer to win the F1 championship after Pedro Rodriguez in 1970. So it was not strange that when the car reached the finish line, English was heard crying on the radio, proving that this victory was meaningful how.

Meanwhile, the two Mercedes drivers ranked 8th and 9th respectively. Ferrari was also unfortunate when Charles Leclerc had a late brake pedal error, causing the driver to be subtracted 3 places in the next Grand Prix.

Also related to this accident, Leclerc hit Sergio Perez, but Racing Point’s driver still competes. On the contrary, because of the avoidance of the collision, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was eliminated from the game by crashing the car into the railing.

George Russell wanted to win F1

At the F1 Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 qualifying race, Mercedes still occupies the pole, even winning the first two places despite the absence of 7-time champion Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes does not have Lewis Hamilton, the qualifying result of the Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 is still no surprise. Valtteri Bottas still secured a pole for Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas won the pole

George Russell – the racer sent by Mercedes from Williams to fill Hamilton’s seat – finished second with a record of just 0.02 seconds! The COVID-19 forced Hamilton to give up not enough to disrupt Mercedes’ dominance. And it seems that any driver who sits on the “Silver Arrow” can shine like Hamilton.

As a habit, this season, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished third. Charles Lecerc excellently took 4th place for Ferrari. At this point, the F1 season is considered to end early when the team championship belongs to Mercedes, while Lewis Hamilton has won the individual championship.

Ferrari set a sad record at the Belgian Grand Prix

For the first time since 2010, two Ferrari racers finished at an F1 without being able to score.

Ferrari was at a disadvantage at the Belgian Grand Prix on August 30 when their two riders – Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc – started 13th and 14th respectively.

Two Ferrari cars were disappointed when they let weaker opponents outnumber GB Belgium on August 30. Ferrari is experiencing a terrible season, falling back from the previous year. This appears to be the result of the technical directives required by the FIA ​​for this steam engine at the end of 2019. Power problems of the SF1000 were evident on the 7 km of Spa- Francorchamps.

Ignoring the stages that the drivers gave up, the last time two Ferrari cars finished but did not score was from the British GP 2010. At that time, Fernando Alonso started third but a controversial penalty sent him to the finish line. 14th, while teammate Felipe Massa finished 15th.

Therefore, the last time that two regular Ferrari cars but failed to reach the top 10 was the 2009 Abu Dhabi GP, when Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella finished 12th and 16th respectively. Ferrari finished fourth in the 2009 season. – their worst performance after 16 years.

Ferrari is fifth this season, just two points ahead of Renault – the team that has just excelled at the Belgian Grand Prix. Ferrari has never been out of the top 4 in the team category since the 1981 season.

F1 adds four races to the 2020 season

One in Turkey, two stops in Bahrain, and GP Abu Dhabi are the last four stages of F1 season 2020. Previously, F1 also added three more races after canceling all four races in America.

According to Sun, F1 confirmed the complete schedule of this season, including 17 races. After the 13th leg in Italy, also the last event in Europe, F1 will race in the Middle East and end the season here.

Bahrain will hold two stops on November 29 and December 6. In March, the Bahraini Grand Prix was one of the stages delayed by the impact of the pandemic. As every year, based on the signed agreement, Abu Dhabi will be the end of the season, taking place on December 13.

If this schedule is guaranteed, F1 will complete a season with 17 races as committed to its partners. The last three races will be busy times when teams have to race for three consecutive weeks.

F1 adds three more races after cancelling all four race in the America

Canceling all four races in the America, F1 replaced with three races in Germany, Portugal, and Italy, according to a statement today.

Because the Covid-19 situation in the Americas is still complicated, the F1 races in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Brazil are not taking place this year. Instead, F1 introduced three races at Nurburgring, Portimao, and Imola.

Nurburgring has returned to F1 for the first time since 2013

The number of races this season has increased to 13. The Nurburgring leg will take place from October 9 to October 11, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

After seven years of absence, the Nurburgring has just returned to F1. This stage is named GP Eiffel, in which Eiffel is the mountain range where the race is located. The nearest winner in the Nurburgring is Sebastian Vettel, in Red Bull’s RB9.

The Portimao stage takes place from October 23 to October 25 in southern Portugal. Portimao first organized an F1 race, after the race was established in 2008. Portugal will also host the first F1 race since 1996 when Jacques Villeneuve won the race in the Williams car.

The Imola stage will only take place on October 31 and November 1, in Bologna, Italy. For the first time since 2006, Imola organized an F1 race. Imola is also the third leg in Italy this year, after Monza and Mugello. Most likely, Imola will only have one trial lap, before the qualifying round and the main race.

Previously, F1 added two races

F1 on July 10 announced the ninth and 10 seasons this season, at Mugello, Italy, and Sochi, Russia. Mugello will hold its ninth stage on September 13. Two weeks later, Sochi hosted the 10th stage, although the situation in Covid-19 in Russia is still complicated.

Mugello is owned by Ferrari. The Italian racing team usually selects Mugello as the test drive place before each season. Mugello has organized an F1 race for the first time and is also the 1,000th race in Ferrari history. The race is 5,245 km long, with 14 corners.

F1 still aims to organize from 15 to 18 stages this season.

Seven factors to expect when F1 returns (Part 2)

On June 26, Williams released a new outfit for the FW43, after sponsor ROKiT canceled the contract early. The new design looks stronger and smoother, but can’t hide the reality of Williams’ dim future in F1 racing.

The parent company is willing to sell Williams if the price is right. Their mission this season is to compete well to attract investors. The last two seasons, they were last. But young talents like Nicholas Lafiti and George Russell are expected to change the face of Williams this season.

During a four-month hiatus, a series of transfer deals was announced. Most significant is the breakup between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari. Carlos Sainz will take Vettel’s place, while Daniel Ricciardo will replace Sainz at McLaren.

These deals are only activated from the following season, and may affect the determination of the riders this season. Fans expect Vettel to play, and what his future will be like. It’s also impossible to ignore Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, when both are out of contract with Mercedes later this season.

Despite fierce competition, all racing teams support the movement against racism or inequality. F1 hung a sign with the words “Stop racism” at the Red Bull Ring. Mercedes also replaced the new black outfit for the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Vettel is not trusted by Binotto’s team

Sebastian Vettel was surprised when Ferrari leader – Mattia Binotto – actively called to ask for a contract to end at the end of 2020.

On 12/5, Ferrari announced the farewell of Vettel at the end of this season. Various sources, including the previous Gazetta dello Sport, revealed that Ferrari offered an extended year, but Vettel had to reduce his salary. The Ferrari home page quoted Vettel as saying that finance is not a problem.

The future of Vettel after 2020 is a topic of concern in F1 village. The German driver has not yet determined the next plan. Spanish driver Carlos Sainz will replace Vettel at Ferrari since the 2021 season. Vettel is expected to join Mercedes, with both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas out of contract at the end of the season.

Seven factors to expect when F1 returns (Part 1)

A lot of changes are created when F1 comes back, but the attractive and fierce competition will not go away.

F1 was still taking place when Covid-19 was still raging in many countries. Fans will witness F1 completely different in many respects, starting with the Red Bull Ring race. Teams are limited in personnel, causing team members to be self-sufficient in many aspects. The paddock area will be much more deserted before and after the race. Members must protect themselves, minimize the risk of infection.

The audience watching the television will see the difference when the riders prepare to start, when they go to the podium to celebrate the victory and the interview. But when the five red lights turned off, the riders started and made fans goosebumps with dramatic chases.

Technically, the competition between teams is even more unpredictable in the current context. Pre-season test weeks took place four months ago and fans may have forgotten the results at that time. Teams also took advantage of the break to improve the cars. The first two test races (P1, P2) in Austria tomorrow 3/7 will reveal the strength of the teams.

The Red Bull Ring will see how Mercedes’ “three-dimensional steering system” works. During the pre-season test week, Mercedes’ discovery was the most significant. The Melbourne track in Australia may not be the right place for a “three-dimensional steering wheel”. But with the long straight lines in the Red Bull Ring, Mercedes can unleash the power of this system. And if they succeed, will the other teams protest?

Four months off is not enough for the teams to imitate Mercedes’ three-dimensional steering system, but it is enough for them to make significant improvements to the cars. Mercedes has announced they have greatly upgraded the W11.

Renault revealed that fans would find the R.S.20 completely different. Red Bull also improved the aerodynamics and upgraded Honda engines. Ferrari did not significantly change parts until the Hungarian leg. The Red Bull Ring results will show which team has improved the car better over the past four months.

Cancel three more F1 races, Hamilton will kneel when F1 comes back

Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan races were cut from the competition schedule for 2020, according to F1’s announcement today.

As such, seven of the 22 races are canceled this season. In addition to the three stages mentioned above, there are Australia, the Netherlands, Monaco and France.

The Singapore F1 race will not take place this year

Six races have been scheduled for the period from 5/7 to 6/9: Austria, Hungary, England, Spain, Belgium and Italy. In particular, the Austrian and English stages are organized two stages. On June 11, F1 Director Ross Brawn revealed that Bahrain and the UAE will be the last two races of the 2020 season. The goal of F1 is to organize 15 to 18 stages this season.

Hamilton will kneel when F1 comes back

Lewis Hamilton, the current F1 world champion, vowed to act for the rights of black people when attending the Austrian Grand Prix.

“The laws and prejudices created hundreds of years ago still exist and poison the present society. Martin Luther King has dedicated his life to the ideals we face today. But fairness.” not exist yet, “Hamilton wrote on Instagram.

Hamilton has repeatedly expressed his support for the movement to fight for the rights of black people.

Hamilton, the first and only colored racer in F1 racing history, spoke out strongly to claim the rights of the disadvantaged group in this sport, after the black citizen George Floyd was killed by police in the US. Recently, he posted a photo of Martin Luther King – American rights activist – and promised to kneel at the Austrian GP stage to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. to live).

Following Hamilton’s comments, F1 Racing Director Ross Brawn expressed his support for the Mercedes star and pledged to create more opportunities for blacks to join F1. An F1 spokesman told the Daily Mail Hamilton’s intention: “This is an important issue. We always support those who show their interest in the fight against racism.”

What records to expect from F1 racing 2020? (Part 2)

Max or Charles have a chance to become the youngest F1 champion in history

Michael Schumacher in his career from 1992 to 2006 and 2010-2012 scored 221 points, but Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen were not too far behind. They are only eight times inferior in the top 10, something that can be completed in the first half of the 2020 season. Regarding the number of consecutive scoring points, Hamilton is currently holding with 33 stages from Japanese GP 2016 to France GP 2018.

The current champion is also in a series of 33 other top 10 stages, starting from the home stage of British GP 2018 to Abu Dhabi GP 2019. If you avoid any trouble at the upcoming Albert Park (Australia), you will set up a new record.

The number of departure stages

Rubens Barrichello started his career in 1993 and retired in 2011, with a total of 322 starting stages. But now Raikkonen “snowman” had experience in 312 GPs before the 2020 season. If nothing changes, the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring will witness a new record set by the Finnish driver.

The most poles at a racecourse

Pole in the first leg of the Australian season will give Hamilton his ninth career debut at Albert Park. Currently, he and Schumacher and Ayrton Senna hold the record for the most number of poles on a single track. However, unexpectedly, the conversion rate of driver # 44 in Melbourne was not really good when only 2 times he enjoyed the joy of winning.

The winning number of stages that lead all laps

Senna led the race in all 19 of his 41 career victories, a record Hamilton also holds now after doing in Shanghai, Barcelona, ​​Monaco, Paul Ricard, and Abu Dhabi. 2019. The Grand Slam / Grand Chelem record (achieved when the driver wins the pole, the fastest lap and leads all the rounds in victory) is held by Jim Clark with 8 times. Hamilton needs two more Grand Slams to balance the compatriot’s record.

Number of podium

It will be only a matter of time for the top 3 target, by the time Hamilton will surpass this number in 2020. Indeed this season is worth the wait for the British champions when he is facing the opportunity to break more records of F1 racing. Especially for fans of the British steering wheel, at each upcoming race this year, they can totally see their idols writing new pages.

What records to expect from F1 racing 2020? (Part 1)

In 2020, there are 22 races with many other achievements that are in danger of being broken in the next 9 months. Here are eight achievements that are easy to break in the coming season.

2020 may be the season that will see the great milestone 7 championship titles of the legendary Michael Schumacher balanced, and the one who has the opportunity to do that is Lewis Hamilton. However, the British driver’s dominance with Mercedes is in danger of not being able to maintain this year before the strong rise of rivals.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the growing young generation and the ability to do special things. Here are 8 records that will likely be broken next season.

Schumacher’s milestone could well be knocked down this season

Hamilton is only eight points behind Schumacher’s 91 victories. With an average win rate of 9 races each year since he joined the “Silver Arrows” in 2013 (and is the only driver in history to win every season he participates in), The area will be within your reach.

Despite this, Schumacher reached the milestone after just 248 races, and Hamilton went through the 250th race before the start of the 2020 season, showing the terrifying dominance of the Schumacher-Ferrari duo in the early years of XXI century. Many people thought that this achievement could not be broken, but it is likely that things will soon change.

Number of consecutive team championships

Mercedes is aiming for the championship for the 7th consecutive year, a record that will break the record set by Ferrari in 2004. They will also have the opportunity to become the first engine supplier to bring the championship. 7th consecutive person since Ford-Cosworth made from 1968 to 1974.

The youngest world champion

Ferrari and Red Bull are looking to “overthrow” Mercedes, and whether they can make Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen become the new king of F1 racing? If either of them did, they would crush the old record set by Sebastian Vettel when he was first crowned in Abu Dhabi 2010, when he was 23 and 134 days old.

F1 racing receives nearly $ 1.5 billion of restructuring

Liberty Media has made changes in its business strategy as well as “pouring money” into Formula 1 going through this extremely challenging period with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Orders must have revenue

Recently, Liberty Media, the current F1 management unit, “redistributed” its “assets” among its subsidiaries to bring money to Formula 1 during the COVID-19 pandemic. continue to have great impact on the tournament.

Liberty restructures to pour money for F1 support

The deal was made between FWON (F1’s holding company of Liberty) and SiriusXM, a communications company based in Manhattan, New York, USA, which is a subsidiary of Liberty. The main change for the deal is that the company promotes the organization of events – Live Nation, previously “in the same house” as F1, will now join SiriusXM.

In addition to the purpose of bringing more money to F1, the main reason for this decision of Liberty is because both F1 and Live Nation need to take place events to bring about revenue. However, given the current situation, both are becoming a big source of risk for the parent company. From there, Liberty was forced to “put one egg in another basket” to divide the risks evenly among its subsidiaries.

On the other hand, it is also a logical move to put a company promoting events (concerts) in conjunction with a media company, rather than on motorsport like F1.

Approximately USD 1.5 billion of assets were transferred from F1 Group to Liberty SiriusXM, totaling USD 2.8 billion assets and USD 1.3 billion outstanding loans. Of which, shares of Live Nation accounted for USD 2.6 billion in the above data.

That conversion is balanced by a net of $ 1.5 billion of net assets transferred from Liberty SiriusXM to F1 Group, including cash of $ 1.4 billion, of which 50% of which is considered as an inter-bank loan.

How to keep the racing team from bankruptcy?

Liberty expects this change will help them in the stock market related to F1 business. That brings liquidity to F1 in case the season continues to be delayed.