Rules to know in F1 racing

Each F1 season has a maximum of 12 racing teams. Each team participates in a race with 2 racing cars. All riders in the team must have a high-level driver’s license issued by FIA – World Automobile Federation. If you want to attend F1, the racing team must deposit a $ 48 million.

The entire amount will be refunded to the racing team in 12 equal installments every month from the time the racing team officially joins the racing. If the racing team gives up, they will lose the deposit amount mentioned above.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1

Each racing team has the right to use 4 riders in a season. Test riders who only participate in free races prior to the race do not count toward this number. The team is free to make a substitution before entering the classification race starting Saturday afternoon. If a replacement is later, they must seek permission from the referees.

Teams can refuel the car during the race. The refueling system is a general system provided by a manufacturer and conforms to all FIA specifications. The system is designed so that the amount of fuel injected through the nozzle cannot exceed 12.1 liters for second.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1

If the track has an accident or due to bad weather, the organizers will make a decision to stop the race midway. If that happens when the race has not completed the first 2 laps, the race will start from the beginning. In the event that a start cannot be reorganized, no rider will be awarded points.

If the race is stopped after the first 2 laps and before the race completes 75 percent of the race, the start will be reorganized with the help of the Safety car. If it is not possible to reorganize, the driver will receive half of the score in the last order they were achieved.