Cancel three more F1 races, Hamilton will kneel when F1 comes back

Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan races were cut from the competition schedule for 2020, according to F1’s announcement today.

As such, seven of the 22 races are canceled this season. In addition to the three stages mentioned above, there are Australia, the Netherlands, Monaco and France.

The Singapore F1 race will not take place this year

Six races have been scheduled for the period from 5/7 to 6/9: Austria, Hungary, England, Spain, Belgium and Italy. In particular, the Austrian and English stages are organized two stages. On June 11, F1 Director Ross Brawn revealed that Bahrain and the UAE will be the last two races of the 2020 season. The goal of F1 is to organize 15 to 18 stages this season.

Hamilton will kneel when F1 comes back

Lewis Hamilton, the current F1 world champion, vowed to act for the rights of black people when attending the Austrian Grand Prix.

“The laws and prejudices created hundreds of years ago still exist and poison the present society. Martin Luther King has dedicated his life to the ideals we face today. But fairness.” not exist yet, “Hamilton wrote on Instagram.

Hamilton has repeatedly expressed his support for the movement to fight for the rights of black people.

Hamilton, the first and only colored racer in F1 racing history, spoke out strongly to claim the rights of the disadvantaged group in this sport, after the black citizen George Floyd was killed by police in the US. Recently, he posted a photo of Martin Luther King – American rights activist – and promised to kneel at the Austrian GP stage to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. to live).

Following Hamilton’s comments, F1 Racing Director Ross Brawn expressed his support for the Mercedes star and pledged to create more opportunities for blacks to join F1. An F1 spokesman told the Daily Mail Hamilton’s intention: “This is an important issue. We always support those who show their interest in the fight against racism.”

Lewis Hamilton: The greatest of the great racers?

After 69 seasons, the structure of the steering wheel has changed a lot, and comparisons between the ages are almost impossible.

Today’s racing cars are masterpieces of engineering rather than rudimentary to the point of not having a seatbelt like that of Fangio. Perhaps that was a factor that made Fangio great. He has won the world champions five times, in the face of death at every corner.

To win the world in a dominant race is not just to defeat your teammates. In the period 2000-2004, Michael Schumacher was the unmoved component, and the number one driver in his racing team – like Fangio in his day. Hamilton did not. He struggled with Fernando Alonso at McLaren (2007), as well as Nico Rosberg at Mercedes (2014-16).

Hamilton’s victory over Vettel this season is also a sign of greatness. Both Fangio and Schumacher won the championship without having to compete with a driver who won the world championship four times the way Hamilton made Vettel so mediocre. Of course, Mercedes is still marginally better than Ferrari in terms of engine competitiveness, but Vettel is clearly underperforming, and making more mistakes when compared to Hamilton.

Many people have compared the Hamilton – Vettel duo with Ronaldo – Messi. Vettel has a natural talent, has dominated Red Bull for four consecutive seasons, and is compared to compatriot Michael Schumacher, before being awakened by Hamilton and surpassed by great effort and will. Vettel is quite quiet, and tends to preserve privacy as much as Messi, while Hamilton is a polished face, known to many famous entertainment stars. And like Ronaldo, Hamilton rarely let his personal life affect his performance on the track.

Ronaldo once asserted that “I am number one, number two, and number three”, and always aspire to conquer milestones. Hamilton didn’t “devour” that, but he always believed that he would do it in a very natural way, and enjoy it. With the frequency of 10 championship/ season in 5 seasons with Mercedes, he can completely balance the record of 91 championships and 7 world championships that Schumacher holds after completing his current contract. now with Silver Arrow.

And perhaps, it was the best time for him to think of the 8th star, the undisputed position of the greatest driver in history.