Ferrari – Forever a legend

It can be said that Ferrari is one of the typical, also the pride of Italy. It shows the characteristics for class and style anywhere in the world. Unlike other famous car brands, Ferrari is very familiar to even ordinary people, even if they do not care about cars.

The history of the Ferrari brand was opened by founder Enzo Ferrari as a racer. Despite winning nine championship titles, he is better known and globally renowned as the father of the sexiest sports cars of all time.


Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898, in Modena. In their family, Passion for cars and fun while this person immediately. It starts when the father in the game is one of those things. Returning, he became a racer for Alfa Romeo team. In 1946, Enzo Ferrari established a car manufacturing company named after him.

Soon, Ferrari became the desire of the racers and also a symbol of a superior level. There are only a few super sports car brands in the world that can create strong emotions.

For example, with Aston Martin, James Bond is reminiscent of the history of the recession in the 1930s, while Porsche with German characteristics is associated with names like James Dean and Steve McQueen. … Particularly Ferrari – the champion of the racetrack, is like a wild horse with endless inspiration.


So what made the Ferrari resonable? The answer lies in the history of competition, where Ferrari replaced Alfa Romeo to become the champion and “Italian” manufacturing style with immortal models.

The typical example is the 250 GTO 1962. For over 60 years, Ferrari has relied on these two factors as a premise for development and thus became a typical national brand of Italy.

From the Le Mans racetrack to the Formula 1, Ferrari is like a smart machine that always knows how to conquer the roads and go ahead to win. When the car came to the starting line, it was a feeling that it was a symbol of speed. And when on the street, there is a famous car on the track, it is understood that it is a remarkable and respectable product.