Why attractive sports car

Sports cars have many preeminent features that a sedan or pick-up is not possible. Referring to sports cars, almost everyone thinks of this feature immediately. Equipped with powerful and modern engines, these cars are always capable of incredible acceleration. For example, the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V was introduced at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

Impressive performance along with the excitement of driving are great things that sports cars bring to the user. A sports car that requires a steady combination of arms and legs, the fluidity of gear changes will not let you down. Most of the latest car technologies are applied to sports cars. The technology of lowering the center of gravity helps the Scion FR-S easily perform the drift phase.

Các dòng xe ô tô thể thao giá rẻ được giới trẻ ưa chuộng nhất 2019

Unlike a large SUV or pickup, sports cars are born to run at high speeds. To achieve higher speeds, the car must be low weight. The design of the sports car style 2-seat coupe 2 seats should not be suitable for family use. However, this is an ideal space for those who want to enjoy the feeling of privacy while having fun everywhere.

The car is also different thanks to its outstanding design design to optimize aerodynamic features. The attractive compact lagging sound characteristic of the sports exhaust also brings a different attraction to sports cars.

Điểm danh các dòng xe ô tô thể thao giá rẻ đáng mua nhất 2020

To achieve higher speeds, the car must be low weight. And that’s why automakers are constantly researching and applying new materials on this vehicle. This weight loss process can be clearly seen through the 2016 Audi R8. So thanks to the use of aluminum frame structure combined with many details made from carbon fiber so the weight of the car is reduced.

These girls often prefer stylish cars and easy to use. But men want to experience the excitement of driving with the image of taking the car soaring in the crowd or drifting around making people admire.

Mercedes continues to dominate F1 season 2020

No one should be surprised at this number one position. The results of the test run in Barcelona showed that the Mercedes W11 had great speed. DAS design helps W11 to excel. Valterri Bottas has a really good record, 1 minute 15,732 seconds each round while no other driver reached the 1 minute and 16 second mark.

In the 2019 season, Mercedes won the championship with a record far ahead of the rest. They made some changes to the engine and chief engineer Guillaume Rocquelin was satisfied with the results.

Mercedes tiep tuc thong tri F1 mua giai 2020 hinh anh 1 f1a.jpg

The F1 homepage also thinks that the two teams behind Mercedes in the 2020 season are also familiar names. However, Red Bull will overtake Ferrari to take the runner-up position.

Experts evaluate Red Bull’s technical changes to make them stronger. They defied Ferrari’s possession of two talented drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. It is a weapon for Red Bull to challenge Mercedes. On March 15, the F1 2020 season will officially begin.

At the test race in Barcelona, ​​they were the team that completed the most laps. They only encountered a small electrical problem on the second test day. The rest of the W11 showed strength and improved in terms of speed. This gives riders the ability to control the steering wheel vertically, thereby increasing control.

This design was praised by Daniel Ricciardo, Renault driver. Meanwhile, the F1 organizers decided to ban teams from using the DAS design from the 2021 season.

In addition to the dramatic bends, the pit phase is also a highlight in F1 sport. Many riders have dropped the championship when they make mistakes in this situation.

In the 2019 season, Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s driver, finished third on the individual standings, behind only Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes. Ahead of the 2020 season, Mercedes representatives also said that Red Bull would be the biggest challenger.

NASCAR racing – American specialty

Although NASCAR is inferior to these tournaments in both brand and reputation. There is one thing that this racing tournament does better than any other sport in the world. It helps fans see the race in the most authentic way.

NASCAR will launch a new digital dashboard on the cars. These panels are tablets attached directly to the vehicle and allow riders to track a wide range of activities. This new technology will be a great thing for riders because it gives them more important information about the car so that they can master the steering wheel better.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho NASCAR

Not only insiders. But also fans will benefit from this improvement. Because they will have the opportunity to see information similar to what riders see in the car.

This is the clearest example of NASCAR’s closeness to its fans. Viewers feel that they are also an important part of the subject and of course the new technology will help the race to gain points. NASCAR will also allow public broadcast of radio dialogue from the teams throughout the race and fans will love this.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho NASCAR

Imagine if Jeff Gordon was your favorite driver. For example, you could hear everything he said in the car all the way. NASCAR always mounts the camera inside the car so not only the voice but the image.

In addition, NASCAR helps fans get very close to their riders at an unprecedented level. On any race, a fan can climb into a pit lane or parking area for hours or even days.

NASCAR viewers have the right to appear at such places in the grading stage, test races and even the official race. NASCAR allows fans to enter the pit with riders and their cars in pre-race events. Then, once the race begins, some of them can stay right in the parking area

Characteristics of cast wheels on motorcycles

On racing motorcycles, the power, control and tires are closely related. These factors had a huge growth in the early 1970s. And they became a reality in the 80s.

Steel frames replaced with aluminum beams, capacity increased from 100 to 120 then 140 codes. force, the tire usually changes to a smooth tire, then the tire has a radial circle.

An important part of the accessory package, the core factor affecting these elements is the casting ring. It was born in the 1970s.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đua mô tô

In 1975, Giacomo Agostini brought a bike equipped with a Yamaha OW-23 casting rim to the podium in the Grand Prix for a 500 cc bike. Crisscrossed brimmed spokes quickly became irrelevant.

Spokes always need to be clean, shiny, no rust, so they require careful and regular care. Molded rims require less maintenance, are strong, and make motorcycles fashionable.

Thanks to the outstanding advantages, the cast rim has gone beyond motorcycle racing and became popular on the street. Light gear with changes in structure help improve performance, giving a completely different driving experience. The driver easily perceives the change or feedback from the improved suspension.

The elegant Laverda Jota 1975 with cast wheels made by Italians or Kawasaki Z1-R once fascinated the car enthusiasts because the sporty style also uses cast wheels.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đua mô tô

Although preferable, cast wheels are not without problems. Metal has tiny holes that can allow compressed air to pass through. Several remedies have been proposed, using tubeless tires, or changing rim materials and methods.

Casting rims sometimes appear small cracks. This is the reason why Robert Dunlop crashed in the Isle of Man TT 1994 race. At that time, people checked the wheel, the results showed that some of them appeared cracks. After Dunlop’s accident, some riders required regular X-ray wheel inspections once a year.

In terrain racing, cast rims have never been superior. Although sturdy, they can crack or break when a vehicle hits a tree, and once broken, fixing them is not easy.