Learning EF Pro Cycling racing

EF Education First has joined the professional cycling race by building a team of athletes to join UCI WorldTour as the EF Education First Pro Cycling team.

The plaid argyle members of the team were so impressed that many fans tried to chase them on the streets of Tokyo and they were cheered enthusiastically at famous race tracks like Tour de France.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho EF Pro Cycling

After the crowdfunding efforts and the unexpected support from fans around the world through the #SaveArgyle campaign, EF has officially stepped in and created a new member for the EF Education family. First.

The argyle pink stripe team now consists of 25 athletes from 13 countries, all joining the toughest race through 240 days of racing a year on more than 50 tracks. The 2018 tournament season the team will travel around the world – from U.A.E, to Sweden, to Colombia, to the United States, to China – and to almost every remaining intermediary nation.

Cycling is really a team sport and requires strategy. In races lasting from one to three days, the team will work together to find a way to bring one of his teammates to the podium.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho EF Pro Cycling

At the Tour de France 2017 race, the much-loved Colombian driver, Rigoberto “Rigo” Uran finished second in the final after the dramatic race in which he was fully supported by his teammates. yourself. 2018 is expected to bring Rigo to the podium once more, and his teammates will work side by side with him to support his best.

Not only stop at the results of the racing, what really inspires us is the bravery, spirit, and passion of the team members in what they do. They are truly very respectable individuals with great stories.

We are anxious to introduce them and their not-so-impossible spirit to everyone. Through this season, they will travel together around the world, explore cultures, learn to speak each other’s languages ​​on the journey of slowly opening the world.