Discover Dakar Rally’s most intense off-road racing race on the planet

The Dakar Rally Prize was once known as Paris-Dakar Rally. This is an endurance race that challenges endurance on complex roads with all kinds of vehicles. The object of participation in the race is also very wide ranging from amateur to professional people.

In particular, the amateur people accounted for 80 percent of the participants in the tournament. Dakar Rally usually lasts 2 weeks with more than 100 miles of road divided into races for teams to complete every day.

In 1977, racer Thierry Sabine got lost in the desert. Fortunately, the sandstorms of the desert were not engulfed, the memories of the desert’s beautiful scenery are deeply embedded in this driver’s memory. After that, he and his like-minded friends deployed the plan for a road racing race with the destination of Dakar.

Khám phá giải đua xe địa hình xuyên sa mạc khốc liệt nhất hành tinh Dakar Rally - Ảnh 4.

By 1978, the Paris Dakar Rally was held for the first time and quickly became the annual all-terrain racing competition. Initially the race started from Paris, through the desert to Dakar, Senegal. Since 2009, due to security threats, the race has been moved to South America, Argentina and Chile.

The participating teams must overcome extremely difficult terrain and must use the right specialized off-road vehicle to win. Every day, riders must cross 800 – 900km of roads with harsh terrain.

Khám phá giải đua xe địa hình xuyên sa mạc khốc liệt nhất hành tinh Dakar Rally - Ảnh 6.

Therefore, riders must use real off-road racing cars with specialized design to cross the road and many challenges at high speed. The traditional racing cars “level” may be forced to leave before going through the fierce race.

Dakar Rally is considered the most fierce and dangerous race in the world because most races have accidents and people are killed. Even founder Thierry Sabine was killed on a rescue plane. Despite the dangers of great danger, Dakar Rally is also an interesting challenge.

The Dakar Rally 2020 race took place for 2 weeks, from January 6 to January 20, 2020 with a length of 10,000 km across 3 countries: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. More than 500 racing teams competed.