Vettel will race for Aston Martin from season 2021

Driver Sebastian Vettel will play for Aston Martin – the new name of Racing Point – from season 2021.

Vettel has chosen the next stop, Aston Martin, as the media predicted

Racing Point did not disclose contract details. According to the BBC, Vettel signed a three-year contract with Aston Martin, until he was 37 years old. The Italian newspaper Gazzetta said that Vettel will receive a salary of $ 15 million at Aston Martin.

Aston Martin attended six F1 races in the 1959-1960 period but did not have a remarkable record. Next season, Aston Martin will replace the Racing Point competition. The decision belongs to Stroll – president of Aston Martin.

Vettel replaced Sergio Perez – the racer announced Racing Point farewell on 9/9. The German driver will become a teammate of Lance Stroll – son of Lawrence Stroll.

Vettel is playing the sixth season, the last season for Ferrari. He won the world championship with Red Bull for four consecutive years, 2010-2013. Vettel is 13th this season, with 16 points. Lance Stroll and Perez respectively ranked fourth and 11th.

Vettel will replace Sergio Perez at Racing Point

The team changed its name to Aston Martin from next season, according to Bild. Perez has renewed his contract for another three years with Racing Point, from August 2019. But the German newspaper revealed that Perez’s contract had a clause that allowed Racing Point to cancel, with compensation before July 31, 2020.

Former driver Martin Brundle, now a Sky Sports commentator, revealed Vettel actively contacted him for an interview on July 16. Public opinion rumors that the German driver will take this opportunity to announce the new team.

Aston Martin is a British luxury sports car manufacturer with sales of over $ 1 billion. Aston Martin’s chairman is billionaire Lawrence Stroll – the father of Racing Point racers – Lance Stroll. Lance Stroll’s position at Aston Martin is considered impregnable.

Racing Point is currently sued by Renault for using Mercedes brake duct, contrary to the F1 rule. The organizers have gathered evidence and will resolve them in the near future.

This season Vettel has only one point, after two races with Ferrari. In the second leg, he was stabbed by teammate Charles Leclerc and had to give up in the first round. Ferrari is now three points less than Racing Point after two races. And Sergio Perez has scored 16 points, ranking fifth. The next race takes place in Hungary this weekend.