Verstappen won over Mercedes in the F1 70 Grand Prix at Silverstone

Red Bull racer Max Verstappen excellently overcame both horned W11s to win F1 70 Grand Prix at Silverstone on August 9.

With a record of 1 hour 19 minutes 41,993 seconds – 11 seconds faster than Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen won the first leg at F1 2020. The Dutch prodigy thereby cut off Mercedes’ four-leg winning circuit from the beginning of the season. The ability to hold the tires too well helped Verstappen beat both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, although the RB16 started fourth.

The F1 Grand Prix 70 in F1 today doesn’t have a lot of fierce competition, but it’s worth a look. Mutations from Red Bull make the race dramatic, especially worthwhile on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the fastest racing on the planet.

Verstappen finished first at Silverstone

In the back, after two-thirds of his time struggling with tires, Hamilton counterattacked in the final stage to overtake Charles Leclerc and teammate Bottas to take second place. He also earned one more point by setting up the fastest-lap and widening the gap with Bottas to 34 points. Leclerc also had a memorable race with satisfying results. The young Ferrari driver only started eighth, dropped to 11 but still finished fourth thanks to the daring 1-pit strategy.

The Mercedes duo has impressive performance in tests and class races. But with the selection starting with hard tires, the Verstappen is about to topple the dominance of the two W11s.

The fact that the SF1000 soon passed Nico Hulkenberg’s third starting car just before the first turn of the turn made Red Bull’s rider confident, keeping up with Hamilton, despite the home team advising to focus on keeping the tires instead of racing at speed Mercedes.

At the top, Bottas successfully defended the lead after starting, not giving his teammate Hamilton a chance to attack. The two Mercedes cars started off with medium tires and struggled with that tire over the first 10 laps. Bottas is now almost 2 seconds away from Hamilton. However, both the Finnish driver and his teammates began to feel the pressure from Verstappen, sticking behind with a distance of less than a second.