NASCAR racing – American specialty

Although NASCAR is inferior to these tournaments in both brand and reputation. There is one thing that this racing tournament does better than any other sport in the world. It helps fans see the race in the most authentic way.

NASCAR will launch a new digital dashboard on the cars. These panels are tablets attached directly to the vehicle and allow riders to track a wide range of activities. This new technology will be a great thing for riders because it gives them more important information about the car so that they can master the steering wheel better.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho NASCAR

Not only insiders. But also fans will benefit from this improvement. Because they will have the opportunity to see information similar to what riders see in the car.

This is the clearest example of NASCAR’s closeness to its fans. Viewers feel that they are also an important part of the subject and of course the new technology will help the race to gain points. NASCAR will also allow public broadcast of radio dialogue from the teams throughout the race and fans will love this.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho NASCAR

Imagine if Jeff Gordon was your favorite driver. For example, you could hear everything he said in the car all the way. NASCAR always mounts the camera inside the car so not only the voice but the image.

In addition, NASCAR helps fans get very close to their riders at an unprecedented level. On any race, a fan can climb into a pit lane or parking area for hours or even days.

NASCAR viewers have the right to appear at such places in the grading stage, test races and even the official race. NASCAR allows fans to enter the pit with riders and their cars in pre-race events. Then, once the race begins, some of them can stay right in the parking area

Characteristics of cast wheels on motorcycles

On racing motorcycles, the power, control and tires are closely related. These factors had a huge growth in the early 1970s. And they became a reality in the 80s.

Steel frames replaced with aluminum beams, capacity increased from 100 to 120 then 140 codes. force, the tire usually changes to a smooth tire, then the tire has a radial circle.

An important part of the accessory package, the core factor affecting these elements is the casting ring. It was born in the 1970s.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đua mô tô

In 1975, Giacomo Agostini brought a bike equipped with a Yamaha OW-23 casting rim to the podium in the Grand Prix for a 500 cc bike. Crisscrossed brimmed spokes quickly became irrelevant.

Spokes always need to be clean, shiny, no rust, so they require careful and regular care. Molded rims require less maintenance, are strong, and make motorcycles fashionable.

Thanks to the outstanding advantages, the cast rim has gone beyond motorcycle racing and became popular on the street. Light gear with changes in structure help improve performance, giving a completely different driving experience. The driver easily perceives the change or feedback from the improved suspension.

The elegant Laverda Jota 1975 with cast wheels made by Italians or Kawasaki Z1-R once fascinated the car enthusiasts because the sporty style also uses cast wheels.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đua mô tô

Although preferable, cast wheels are not without problems. Metal has tiny holes that can allow compressed air to pass through. Several remedies have been proposed, using tubeless tires, or changing rim materials and methods.

Casting rims sometimes appear small cracks. This is the reason why Robert Dunlop crashed in the Isle of Man TT 1994 race. At that time, people checked the wheel, the results showed that some of them appeared cracks. After Dunlop’s accident, some riders required regular X-ray wheel inspections once a year.

In terrain racing, cast rims have never been superior. Although sturdy, they can crack or break when a vehicle hits a tree, and once broken, fixing them is not easy.

Lewis Hamilton: The greatest of the great racers?

After 69 seasons, the structure of the steering wheel has changed a lot, and comparisons between the ages are almost impossible.

Today’s racing cars are masterpieces of engineering rather than rudimentary to the point of not having a seatbelt like that of Fangio. Perhaps that was a factor that made Fangio great. He has won the world champions five times, in the face of death at every corner.

To win the world in a dominant race is not just to defeat your teammates. In the period 2000-2004, Michael Schumacher was the unmoved component, and the number one driver in his racing team – like Fangio in his day. Hamilton did not. He struggled with Fernando Alonso at McLaren (2007), as well as Nico Rosberg at Mercedes (2014-16).

Hamilton’s victory over Vettel this season is also a sign of greatness. Both Fangio and Schumacher won the championship without having to compete with a driver who won the world championship four times the way Hamilton made Vettel so mediocre. Of course, Mercedes is still marginally better than Ferrari in terms of engine competitiveness, but Vettel is clearly underperforming, and making more mistakes when compared to Hamilton.

Many people have compared the Hamilton – Vettel duo with Ronaldo – Messi. Vettel has a natural talent, has dominated Red Bull for four consecutive seasons, and is compared to compatriot Michael Schumacher, before being awakened by Hamilton and surpassed by great effort and will. Vettel is quite quiet, and tends to preserve privacy as much as Messi, while Hamilton is a polished face, known to many famous entertainment stars. And like Ronaldo, Hamilton rarely let his personal life affect his performance on the track.

Ronaldo once asserted that “I am number one, number two, and number three”, and always aspire to conquer milestones. Hamilton didn’t “devour” that, but he always believed that he would do it in a very natural way, and enjoy it. With the frequency of 10 championship/ season in 5 seasons with Mercedes, he can completely balance the record of 91 championships and 7 world championships that Schumacher holds after completing his current contract. now with Silver Arrow.

And perhaps, it was the best time for him to think of the 8th star, the undisputed position of the greatest driver in history.

13-way journey through 10 countries of the 30th WSBK motorbike racing (Part 2)

Regarding the situation of personnel of the racing teams, most of the most notable names of the tournament have found themselves a new stop.

Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK) and Chaz Davies (ARUBA.IT Racing – Ducati) both have a new 2-year contract from last summer and will continue the new season with the teams they have been attached to from 2015 to the present.

Rea set a new WSBK record with his fifth consecutive championship with Kawasaki in 2019. And in the sixth championship campaign, the British driver will have a new teammate, Alex Lowes, a fellow countryman. have the most successful 2019 season with Yamaha with 9 podiums and 3rd place on the individual standings.

Alvaro Bautista, after a year of disappointing performance at Ducati, decided to join Honda in his second year at the WSBK. In 2020, Honda will return as a factory racing team, supported by HRC with the ambition to win from the first stages. Bautista will be the main driver of the racing team with the second steering wheel Leon Haslam (racing for Kawasaki in 2019), bringing a new color to the tournament.

Bautista switched from Ducati to Honda in hopes of winning the championship

The other place at ARUBA.IT Racing Ducati next to Davies, is a veteran of MotoGP (2008-2018), British driver Scott Redding will have the opening stage of WSBK after winning the British Superbike in 2019.

Toprak Razgatlıoğlu independent race team (Turkey) will be given the opportunity at Yamaha factory team when replacing Lowes. He will accompany Michael van der Mark, creating a youthful squad capable of standing in the top of the next few years.

The last factory team, BMW Motorrad retains their main driver, Tom Sykes after his good results in 2019. Accompanying him in 2020 is Irish steering wheel Eugene Laverty, two names previously used to compete for the WSBK 2013 championship together, and Sykes took the throne. Both will have the opportunity to compete with each other again in the same car next year.

Overall, the picture of the championship race in 2020 will still be the presence of names that have proven their ability in the past year. However, it is impossible not to mention Scott Redding and Ducati, who are considered the “dark horse” of the new season.

I know that the British steering wheel can create waves as what Bautista did in the first half of 2019. Will the 6th championship for Rea and Kawasaki or a new name crowned? Let’s wait for WSBK 2020.

Discover Dakar Rally’s most intense off-road racing race on the planet

The Dakar Rally Prize was once known as Paris-Dakar Rally. This is an endurance race that challenges endurance on complex roads with all kinds of vehicles. The object of participation in the race is also very wide ranging from amateur to professional people.

In particular, the amateur people accounted for 80 percent of the participants in the tournament. Dakar Rally usually lasts 2 weeks with more than 100 miles of road divided into races for teams to complete every day.

In 1977, racer Thierry Sabine got lost in the desert. Fortunately, the sandstorms of the desert were not engulfed, the memories of the desert’s beautiful scenery are deeply embedded in this driver’s memory. After that, he and his like-minded friends deployed the plan for a road racing race with the destination of Dakar.

Khám phá giải đua xe địa hình xuyên sa mạc khốc liệt nhất hành tinh Dakar Rally - Ảnh 4.

By 1978, the Paris Dakar Rally was held for the first time and quickly became the annual all-terrain racing competition. Initially the race started from Paris, through the desert to Dakar, Senegal. Since 2009, due to security threats, the race has been moved to South America, Argentina and Chile.

The participating teams must overcome extremely difficult terrain and must use the right specialized off-road vehicle to win. Every day, riders must cross 800 – 900km of roads with harsh terrain.

Khám phá giải đua xe địa hình xuyên sa mạc khốc liệt nhất hành tinh Dakar Rally - Ảnh 6.

Therefore, riders must use real off-road racing cars with specialized design to cross the road and many challenges at high speed. The traditional racing cars “level” may be forced to leave before going through the fierce race.

Dakar Rally is considered the most fierce and dangerous race in the world because most races have accidents and people are killed. Even founder Thierry Sabine was killed on a rescue plane. Despite the dangers of great danger, Dakar Rally is also an interesting challenge.

The Dakar Rally 2020 race took place for 2 weeks, from January 6 to January 20, 2020 with a length of 10,000 km across 3 countries: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. More than 500 racing teams competed.

Formula E will surpass F1 from 2040

Formula E electric racing has organized 3 seasons in the most famous cities in the world, is increasingly improving and attracting the audience. Many major car manufacturers have participated in this game such as Renault, Audi and Jaguar. The big guys in Germany, Porsche and Mercedes, are also excited to develop racing cars at the request of this era.

Formula E Holdings has also signed commercial contracts with major partners such as Julius Baer Bank, Allianz Insurance and Visa Financial Group. Famous fashion house Hugo Boss said it will not extend its contract with F1 but will turn to sponsoring Formula E.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho FORMULA E

Most recently, ABB’s technology group has become the name sponsor for Formula E. Racing. From the race at Marrakest-Morocco to the present, the title of the race will be the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. To get his name on the prize, ABB had to pay Formula E Holdings an amount of $ 15 million a year for five years.

Before the development of this new sport, Toto Wolff once said Formula E would quickly become the top speed sport in a short time. Agreeing with the above statement, Agag said:

“I think Formula E will be very big. There may be a few other subjects but Formula E will be a top speed sport because the world at that time only used electricity. If the world doesn’t use electric cars for 20 or 30 years, then we will have a problem. Even if that happens, Formula E is still an exciting tournament.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho FORMULA E

At the end of the 2015 Formula E season, former F1-Virgin-Billionaire president Richard Branson predicted that Formula E would surpass F1 by 2020.

When asked about Branson’s prediction, Agag responded as follows:

“We have never put ourselves in a race against F1. We all like F1, F1 is great. But I also do not object to Branson’s opinion. He is a smart person and in most of his decisions he is right. ”

F1 racing through 7 decades: Aura of legends (Part 2)


Six different champions were honoured in the 1980s, with Alain Prost (France) being the best with 39 (out of 51) winning in 10 seasons. He was also the first person since Brabham (1960) to successfully defend the championship with his second title in 1986.

The rise of Ayrton Senna with 20 victories only in 1985-89 caused Prost to lose the title in 88 but he still won the championship in 89. Another excellent Brazilian driver, Nelson Piquet also recorded get 20 victories and 3 individual championships (1981, 83′, 87′).


When he died in San Marino 1994, Senna had a total of 41 first place in his career, 21 of them in the first 4 years, 1990-93, and won 2 championships in 1990, 1991. Prost retired after 4th throne in 93, and 12 victories in 4 seasons.

It was then that Damon Hill started building a name for himself with Williams. He has won 22 in 8 short career years. But in the end, the most prominent name is definitely Michael Schumacher with 35 victories and 2 titles with Benetton and Ferrari. Yet the most uplifting period of the German legend is still ahead.


The decade began with the victory of Schumacher and Scuderia Ferrari at the first race, the Australian GP 2000, on the road to the championship all season. That signals the years sweeping the race in the next period with the power of the trio Schumacher – team leader Ross Brawn – team director Jean Todt.

German steering wheel gave war horse 56 victories and 5 championships. Fernando Alonso, debuted in 2001 but also won 21 victories and 2 titles for Renault while ‘snowman’ Kimi Raikkonen is no less than 18 times to finish first and crowned in 2007 season – still a personal title Ferrari’s final to date.


Lewis Hamilton only had 11 victories in the period 2010-13 but everything turned 180 degrees when the turbo hybrid era began in 2014. Mercedes rose to become the new power of F1 and Hamilton has been dominating since then. now on. Together, they made 62 stage victories, in 6 years of the 2014-19 championship and the British driver was heading towards the great milestone of 91 victories, of Schumacher.

Prior to Hamilton’s era were four successful seasons for Vettel and Red Bull when Ferrari’s current driver had a total of 48 times in this decade. Nico Rosberg had his first win in Shanghai in 2012, and thanks to “Silver Arrow”, he had 23 victories and more importantly the individual title in 2016, after defeating his teammate Hamilton for promotion. throne and retired shortly thereafter.

The 2020 season will start with a squad that has 11 of the 20 main drivers launch F1 from 2015 to the present. They are the next generation of the tournament and will officially begin the journey to make their mark in F1 history for themselves. The 8th decade of the world’s leading 4-wheel racing race will officially start in less than 2 months.

Saudi women first time racing

Riding the steering wheel on a sleek electric SUV, Reema Juffali was the first woman to compete in a men’s-only race in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia lifted its only ban on women driving in the world last June, as part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s policy to liberalize driving. After the decades-long ban was lifted, Juffali, 27.

She became the first Saudi woman to race in the country and was considered by the organizers to be a “VIP” guest driver. She competed in the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy electric car race in Diriyah, near the capital Riyadh.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ đua xe

“The ban was lifted last year and I never thought I would be racing professionally. But the fact that I am doing that, that’s great,” Juffali said on the blue and black Jaguar I-Pace.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi Sports Minister, called this a “turning point” of the Islamic kingdom. “As a professional rider, Juffali will have thousands of people cheering for the competition,” he said.

Juffali first attended racing at the F4 Championship in England in April, just after a year of professional training. But Juffali has had a passion for speed racing since she was a teenager and enjoyed watching Formula One races.

She obtained a car driver’s license while studying abroad in the United States and is now one of the few Saudi women who have a driving license in her home country.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ đua xe

It is a mandatory requirement to participate in professional races. Even in other countries, only a few Saudi women are racing professionally.

“For many women who don’t have the opportunity to learn to drive, being behind the wheel is definitely scary. For Saudi women, it’s a far-fetched thing,” Juffali explained.

Juffali said she dreams of participating in a one-day race at Le Mans, France, one of the most prestigious and challenging tournaments in the world. In Riyadh, Juffali will compete on par with the professional riders last season.

13-way journey through 10 countries of the 30th WSBK motorbike racing (Part 1)

Besides MotoGP, another 2-wheel drive racing tournament has also received a lot of attention, that is the World Superbike will also have major changes in 2020.

By the end of November, the tournament organizers have confirmed the official schedule for the 2020 season, with 13 races, no increase (decrease) compared to 2019 but there are some changes in destinations. Taking place in 10 countries on 4 different continents, the 2020 season will once again start in Australia at the beginning of March.

The Philips Island racetrack will mark the 30th time in history of organizing a WSBK race, no race in the world has achieved this milestone yet. In addition, there will also be an official test before the final season on February 24-25, 2020.

Philips Island will be the start of the WSBK 2020 season

Two weeks later, the teams will come to the race in Qatar, where all new riders will ‘visit’ at the end of October, with the last race of 2019. Losail racecourse will have 2 consecutive weeks. continue to be busy when organizing 2 tournaments MotoGP and World SBK. The change of Thai GP stage in MotoGP race when moving to March forced this race to break up with WSBK this year.

In addition, the only race in North America at Laguna Seca racetrack, California, USA will not appear next year.

The usual European season starts at Jerez in late March, then returns to Spain twice in Aragon in late May and the first time WSBK goes to the Barcelona-Catalunya racetrack in mid-September. Italy will remain the country with more than one race, with two races at Imola and Misano in about 35 days.

July and August is a break time for riders to take only 2 stages in the first week of the month. The WSBK will return to Germany, but with a new Oschersleben race, the fourth fixed race track in Germany, after Nürburgring, Hockenheimring and Sachsenring.

Oschersleben racetrack (Germany) is the new destination of German GP

September is a sprint stage with 3 races at Algarve (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain) and Magny-Cours (France) in less than 25 days. The season-ending race will take place in South America, with the Argentine GP race at the San Juan Villicum racetrack on October 11, 2020. In addition, the middle of the season will have an official test but the time and place have not been announced.

Use YouPoint points to redeem the hottest F1 2020 racing tickets on the planet

F1 racing is considered one of the subjects that attracts a lot of people interested, the race is usually held in big countries. There are such as Australia, USA, Japan, the Middle East.

As the most anticipated race car in the Formula 1 (F1) season in 2020, Asia Grand Prix includes 3 main ticket types: The Business Tickets, The Stands Tickets and The Economy Tickets.

Each ticket type is divided into multiple ticket classes with separate benefits and a 1-day or 3-day weekend package option. Giving viewers the opportunity to own the ticket that best suits their interests and needs of each person.

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That’s not only possessing a beautiful location in the most intense bends of the track. This ticket is also designed to create opportunities for meetings and exchanges between high-class business partners of successful business people.

The Grandstand ticket is the ideal choice to follow the course performance from the most diverse and realistic perspectives. Not only equipped with comfortable seats with extremely favorable views.

It is located in the unique bends, where the drama of the race is pushed to the climax. Tickets Stands also bring many choices for customers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1 2020

The Economy tickets are seats-free tickets, best suited for those who want to enjoy the heat of the planet’s most prestigious race at a reasonable price. The universal ticket gives the audience a completely different experience when witnessing the speed machines on the track.

For example, the sub-race between world-class supercar brands, food festivals or the Fanzone region with particularly attractive sports and entertainment activities.