Lewis Hamilton wants Mercedes to sign a long-term contract

Lewis Hamilton confirmed that he was still passionate about racing, so if he wanted to keep this star, Mercedes could not offer a 1-year contract.

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he is ready to extend his contract with Mercedes, but the deadline must last at least 3 years. The 35-year-old British racer is currently earning £ 40 million a year. This F1 driver’s contract is coming to an end later this year, his 14th season.

Lewis Hamilton confirmed that he was still passionate about racing

Preparing to race the British Grand Prix this weekend, Hamilton is expected to catch up with the record 7 times world championship of German legend Michael Schumacher. He also only needs 5 more Grand Prix wins to catch up with the record of 91 times winning the German race.

Lewis Hamilton currently has a contract with a record salary in F1 racing history at Mercedes. He is expected to enjoy more when extending the contract! The racer is about to add 120 million pounds (3,547 billion) to his account when signing a new 3-year contract with Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton is getting higher salary

The new contract will bring an even higher salary to Hamilton, even though he has now received a record F1 salary. However, this does not seem confusing for F1 driver is about to break another record 91 times Grand Prix championship of legendary Michael Schumacher when he races in Russia this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton currently has a contract with a record F1 salary

According to some reliable sources at F1, the closing of this contract is only a matter of early or late. Before that, Hamilton did not hide his intention to stick with Mercedes for a long time, where he was 5 times in the past 6 years.

Lewis Hamilton won the pole at the Russian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton has a chance to catch Michael Schumacher’s record of winning the Grand Prix when taking a pole in Russia.

Lewis Hamilton will start at pole position at the Russian Grand Prix following the ranking race in Sochi. The 6-time racer VĐTG is aiming to win the 5th time in Russia, where Mercedes has won all 6 races here since 2014.

If that goal is met, the British racer will balance legendary Michael Schumacher’s record 91 times of Grand Prix championships.