Formula E will surpass F1 from 2040

Formula E electric racing has organized 3 seasons in the most famous cities in the world, is increasingly improving and attracting the audience. Many major car manufacturers have participated in this game such as Renault, Audi and Jaguar. The big guys in Germany, Porsche and Mercedes, are also excited to develop racing cars at the request of this era.

Formula E Holdings has also signed commercial contracts with major partners such as Julius Baer Bank, Allianz Insurance and Visa Financial Group. Famous fashion house Hugo Boss said it will not extend its contract with F1 but will turn to sponsoring Formula E.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho FORMULA E

Most recently, ABB’s technology group has become the name sponsor for Formula E. Racing. From the race at Marrakest-Morocco to the present, the title of the race will be the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. To get his name on the prize, ABB had to pay Formula E Holdings an amount of $ 15 million a year for five years.

Before the development of this new sport, Toto Wolff once said Formula E would quickly become the top speed sport in a short time. Agreeing with the above statement, Agag said:

“I think Formula E will be very big. There may be a few other subjects but Formula E will be a top speed sport because the world at that time only used electricity. If the world doesn’t use electric cars for 20 or 30 years, then we will have a problem. Even if that happens, Formula E is still an exciting tournament.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho FORMULA E

At the end of the 2015 Formula E season, former F1-Virgin-Billionaire president Richard Branson predicted that Formula E would surpass F1 by 2020.

When asked about Branson’s prediction, Agag responded as follows:

“We have never put ourselves in a race against F1. We all like F1, F1 is great. But I also do not object to Branson’s opinion. He is a smart person and in most of his decisions he is right. ”